SOS marine service Co.,Ltd is a professional marine spare parts supply company ,it’s mainly made up of a group experienced and skilled technicians. Most of them have been working in marine industry more than 18 years.

We can supply genuine parts from licensed manufacturers and qualified subcontractors. Providing high quality products is our core philosophy and majority of our products are approved by classification societies such as LRS, GL, DNV, ABS and CCS. We can also supply good condition second hand parts with test report.

Main business include marine spare parts, ship repair, stores and provisions supply.

Spare parts for:

Main Engine:  Man MC Series, Sulzer,Mak parts,Pielstick parts,Wartsila parts.

Auxiliary Engine:  Man L23/30 L23/30A、L23/30H、L28/32、L28/32A、L28/32H、L16/24 

                                 Daihatsu :DK-20,DKB-20,DKM-26,DK-28,DKM-28,DKM-32,DK-32

                                 Yanmar :T240L-ST,T240L-ET,T260L-UT,T260L-ST

Purifiers: Alafa laval, Westfalia, Mitsubishi and others

Air Compressors: Tanabe,Hitachi,Atlas,Ingersoll Rand,Sullar and others

Turbochargers: Mitsubishi,ABB,Man,Yanmar and others

Pumps: Naniwa,Tokimec,Taiko,Koshin,Shinko and others

• Deck machinery & equipment


Engine Spare Parts

Spare parts for Main Engine: S50MC,S50MC-C,S60MC,S60MC-C;S70M. Sulzer RND68, RND68M, RND76,RND90. For Auxiliary Engine:Man L23/30 L23/30A、L23/30H、L28/32、L28/32A、L28/32H、L16/24 Daihatsu DK-20,DKB-20,DKM-26,DK-28,DKM-28,DKM-32,DK-32


Oil Purifier and spare parts

We can supply spare parts for Alafa laval:MAB204 MAB205 MAPX204 MAPX207 MAPX309 MOPX205 MOPX207 MOPX210 MOPX309 MOPX310 MAPX313 MHPX407 MHPX409 WHPX410 WHPX513 MMPX404 MMPX304 FOPX607 FOPX609 FOPX613 FOPX610 WHPX510T WHPX505T Westfalia:OSA7-02-066 OSA20-02-066 OTA7-00-066 OTA2-00-066 OTA14-00-066 OTB7-00-066 OTB35-02-066 OSB35-02-066 OSC4-02-066. Mitsubishi SJ10T SJ15T SJ20T SJ25T SJ30T SJ40T SJ700 SJ2000.and other Chinese brand,Good condition second hand parts are also available from our side ,test report is affordable